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Surveyor Engineer
Surveyor Engineer

We undertake the management of  Seismic Crew (mob & demob) and associated services. 

List of Seismic Crew

Labours for front crew and back crews, Line Checkers/Trouble Shooters with License, GPS Operator, Dozer Pusher /HSE Assistant, Journey Manager/Transport Assistant, Light Duty Driver with ADDC License, Heavy driver with valid ADDC/Tanker Driver with DDC04, Vibrator Operator/ Vibro-Pushers, Line Foreman/ Foreman Head, Senior Surveyor, Surveyor, Permit Man/PRO, Electrician/Welder, Vibro-Mechanic/Vehicle Mechanic, Carpenter, Mason , Work-Shop Mechanic, A/C Technician, Cable Repair Chief, Cable Repair, Store- Keeper ,Plumber, Watchman/Geophone repairer Man.

Blue Pickup Truck

Management of Fleet Services

We supply and manage complete fleet services and 4X4 pick up with all additional fittings required by law. 

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We have much more to offer and please talk to our consultant today:- 02 555 0150,

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