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Architectural Building

To meet the soaring demand for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing engineering services, SynergyCorps expanded our team and technical offer.

Engineer Examining Air Conditioner

 Heat, Ventilation and Air-conditioning 

High performance systems and Sustainable Design.

High Recovery Systems.

Dedicated Outdoor Air System.

Combined Heat Power.

Building Ventilation system.

Hot Water and Steam Heating Plants.

Chilled Water Plants.

Air Duct
Electrical Work


Medium and Low Voltage Distribution.

Construction Management.

Fire Alarm Systems.

Generator Design (Emergency and Standby).

Grounding and Lighting Protection .

Control Systems .


Building Water Systems.

Sanitary Drainage Systems.

Storm Water Systems.

Process Systems. 

Emergency Eyewash and Shower Stations.

Fixing the Sink
Fire Hoses

Fire Protection

Performance Specification for Fire Protection. Systems. 

Wet Pipe.

Dry Pipe .


Clean Agent.

Abstract Linear Background

Let's Work Together


We have much more to offer and please talk to our consultant today:- 02 555 0150,

Green Business
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