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SynergyCorps undertake all kind of civil construction works. ​

  • Earthworks, Substructure- Excavation, Foundation and Concrete works.

  • Superstructure – Concrete and Block works.

  • Finishing works like Plastering, tile fixing, painting etc.

Flooring & Waterproofing

  • Screeding Works like Epoxy flooring, EPDM Sandwich Flooring.

  • Waterproofing like Metal water stop, KWT, Krystol Plug, Krystol grout repair, Swellable Bar, Control joint mixing etc.

  • Gypsum , Carpentry and Interior Designing etc.

Floor Sanding
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Renovation Works

  • Refurbishment and Renovation Works.

  • Villa Maintenance and fit out works. 

  • Landscaping works.

  • Pool construction and Maintenance. 

  • Oil and Gas civil construction.  

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Let's Work Together

We have much more to offer and please talk to our consultant today:- 02 555 0150,

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